The Denver Cutthroats introduced the newest member of the team to the media today: former Colorado Avalanche defenseman Kyle Quincey.

Amidst the pomp and circumstance of officially unveiling the club’s uniform for the coming season – the green and white should look good flying across the pond – Quincey was given a short introduction to those in attendance. Excited to be on the ice and playing the game he loves, Quincey was more than happy to be playing again in Denver.

“Just being able to play and stay, during the lockout, here and helping out these guys and just being a part of this whole exciting thing is just awesome,” said Quincey.

Coming to play for his former teammate, Fish Head Coach Derek Armstrong, was less about the money – the team salary cap is around $11,000 per week – and more about the idea of giving back to the game, a concept that Dan Woodely, Head Coach of the Regis Jesuit Raiders, embodies wholeheartedly.

“I’ve very very fortunately had great players that I played with early to teach me these little things on and off the ice. So if I can pass that along to a few guys, on and off the ice… It’s benefitting for me just know know I’m helping somebody,” said Quincey. “The game has obviously given me a lot that I’m very thankful for and I think we owe it to the game and community and everything that has given us stuff to give back.”

Some considered Quincey’s departure from Denver a bit inauspicious after quotes from an interview rubbed fans the wrong way. Still, Quincey feels that his return to his second home and his desire to mentor the younger guys will prove his good intentions.

“I apologized instantly for that and… what came out in that article wasn’t what I meant or felt,” said Quincey. “This is another chance… Obviously I love Denver, I wouldn’t be here. These guys are great guys and I’m just looking forward to playing here again.”

Unfortunately for Cutthroat hopefuls, the ongoing lockout in the NHL is costing some bubble players positions on teams. Largely considered just another part of the business, Quincey joining the team will bump someone from the training camp roster out of the club. Still, there is always the chance that the top league picks up midseason.

“This year is probably going to be a little bit different with the lockout,” said Cutthroats Captain Aaron MacKenzie. “There’s going to be guys in the American League that are going to come here and there’s going to be guys here that might be, in other years that would probably be here but they might get pushed out. I think if the NHL lockout ends, then those guys will have a chance to play.”

Despite this, Quincey plans on being a team player, with his most important adjustment being to suit the game of his comrades, to help them elevate their game and develop into the best players they can be.

“Everyone’s saying ‘are you afraid someone’s going to goon you up or go for ya?’ I’ll be ready for that. I’ll have my head on a swivel and keep my head up for sure,” said Quincey. “I think the biggest thing is just learning, and learning it fast, your players on your team. How to play with those guys, be in the right spots for them, and help them out and really not expect too much.”

“I’m not playing with Nick Lidstrom anymore and I think that’s going to be the biggest thing. I just got to find how I’m going to fit in with these guys and help them win. The name of the game is winning right? So if I try to do too much or too little, there’s that medium that you have to find and find it quick. Hopefully that’s not too hard.”

Inevitably the 27-year-old Detroit Red Wings blue liner is waiting, like all of his peers around the World, for the work stoppage to conclude. He keeps in touch with past teammates and other skaters on both sides regularly while in town, staying fit and keeping conditioned with pickup games and on-ice drills. If the spat continues for much longer though, Quincey sees the European exodus of elite talent increasing.

“I was with those guys today and I’ll still be with those guys throughout the whole process. As of right now there’s really no hurry. We’re hoping that it ends pretty soon,” said Quincey. “Guys are in great shape… I’m in probably the best shape of my life right now and so are those guys. As long as this goes on I think guys will, I’m assuming, listen to more and more calls from European teams. I’m guessing they’ll probably start making more phone calls.”

The Cutthroats start their season on Friday at 7:05 p.m. against the Missouri Mavericks. Discount tickets are available.

What do you think? Do you like the addition of Quincey? How do you feel about his return to Denver? Will you go see him on opening night?