There was some surprising news this weekend as Colorado Avalanche defenseman Jonas Holøs appeared on Team Norway’s roster for the World Championships underway in Slovakia.

So far Holøs has only played a single game, against Team USA, which his team lost today 4-2 in the final frame. Holøs has had a decent statistical showing though as he is plus one with two shots and two penalty minutes while Norway is 1-1 overall. According to the Avalanche, Holøs appears to have played in both games but this is merely a statistical error.

Team Canada, competition for Holøs, is looking more than steady with a solid 2-0 record. Their most recent win came against France; the final score 9-1. Avalanche forward Matt Duchene completes an all-star worthy lineup but, despite being a plus two with six shots on net, has yet to find himself on the scoreboard.

Time is running out in the preliminary round as both the qualification round and the regulation round start Thursday. Seeding will follow the completion of the preliminaries.

What do you think? Have you seen any games? Is Canada going to run away with the title?