Break out the wallets and get ready to make a tax deductible donation to Kroenke Sports Charities, the Colorado Avalanche license plate is on the move.

Courtesy of Lynn Bartels – The Denver Post

Approved on May 6th by vote in front of the Senate Transportation Committee, bill voters were joined by special guests Rocky and Bernie, in order to make sure House Bill 1316 was ushered in with the appropriate amount of flair. All amendments to the bill need to be reconciled and it still has to pass the Senate Committee on Appropriations before Governor John Hickenlooper signs it in.

The bill reads as follows:

The bill creates both the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets special license plates. A person becomes eligible to use the plates by donating $45 to Kroenke sports charities. In addition to the normal motor vehicle fees, the plate requires 2 one-time fees of $25. One of the fees is credited to the highway users tax fund and the other to the licensing services cash fund.

The bill goes on to say that, when approved, plates will be available on January 1, 2012 unless the department is able to issue them sooner. They will be available for cars, trucks, motorcycles and recreational and noncommercial vehicles not exceeding eight tons. It also states that they may cancel the plates if 3,000 aren’t sold by July 1, 2016 but this applies to both Avalanche and Denver Nuggets customized accessories.

Colorado Avalanche License Plate

Do you think it will pass? Are you going to get one?